This Guy Starts Laughing On the Subway And What Happens Next Will Make Your Day

This Mans Infectious Laughter Affects Everyone On The Subway

Imagine it’s just another dull day on the subway when everyone gets on. There may be some heading to work, or school, or to accomplish other meaningful tasks.

laughing 4-compressed

There’s the usual air of quiet nervousness when strangers are forced to endure a ride together for a period of time. There is some curiousity about the people you are surrounded by but at the same time, you purposely stay detached because you want to be polite and not stare, and think about other things to occupy your time.

laughing 5-compressed

This video encompasses that feeling at the beginning, when all of the sudden this guy starts laughing; quietly chuckling at first but then the laughter builds more and more until he lets out the roar of a full belly laugh, and keeps going!

laughing 3-compressed

What happens next will definitely make you smile and I dare say you’ll be laughing as well along with everyone else.

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