10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Be the Next President of the USA

With the presidential elections closing in on us, the reasons for which Donald Trump should be the next chief of the White House should be carefully laid out.

It’s a political choice which is going to have an impact on the entire world, and matters have to be examined carefully.

We will present a series of articles with points for and against various candidates for president of the USA. These articles do not reflect the views or opinions of Buzzsun or its employees. 

1. Commitment to Education

Trump is considered by the majority to be one of those candidates who put a lot of stress on the word education. It’s his policy to make thorough and major changes in education as he believes that this is the foundation for a sustainable economy.

2. The Wall

While there are a lot of debates going on behind the intention of Trump to build a wall between Mexico and USA, this seems to be appealing to the majority. It’s considered that this might be the solution that would limit illegal immigration in the USA.

3. Trump is Strongly Towards Fighting ISIS

ISIS is a problem which has been surrounding the entire globe. Considering how many interests are at stake, all the signs show that Trump is set to continue the war on this organization.

4. Powerful Personality

Trump is self-assured, and that’s something that boosts the appeal of a candidate. He seems to represent a capability of strong-arming people into doing what he wants, which is a quality to have.

5. He’s Already Rich
There is no point in him chasing his own private interests as he is already, obviously, extremely rich. That’s only one of his main selling points, and it seems that it’s working quite well so far.

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