This Lab Loves The Sea Now Watch What GoPro Cam Captures While He Runs There

Walter is his name and he is A yellow Lab living in Siracusa, Sicily – right by sea.

This pooch loves the sea so much that he can’t wait to get there. If he could, he would probably would have lived on the beach.
labrdor runs with gopro cam to the sea
So, every morning his owner lets him run to the beach and get into the water. And, of course, like most Labrador dogs, he absolutely loves to swim. This video made me want to go and jump into the ocean myself and since I am a walk away from it. I will go ahead do just that. Will run to the ocean, without the GoPro, because I don’t have one, and jump into the ocean. Lets see what kind of reaction this video will produce for you. Please post your comments bellow.
labrdor runs with gopro cam to the sea

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