Cutest Thing Ever To See A Dolphin And Boy Playing Catch With A Ball

Watch This Dolphin and Kid Having Fun With A Ball

You may have heard before that dolphins are smarter than humans (or at least as smart). This example may be demonstrated in the following video where we can see enjoyable interaction between this dolphin and kid playing ball together.

According to,
” dolphins are capable of considering abstract concepts, they can mimic our behaviour, they monitor and regulate their own behaviour, they can identify body parts, they understand human gaze, they recognise themselves in mirrors and they even use tools (a trait once thought to be uniquely human).”

You can definitely see intelligent thought process going on here.

dolphin 2-compressed

These two seem to both be having a grand time tossing the ball back and forth. What amazes me is when the boy throws the ball back in the water, how patiently the dolphin takes the time to retrieve it just so they can continue the game. I wonder if this kid knows how lucky he is!

You have to see the rare interaction between boy and dolphin for yourself.

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