Zelenskyy: “NATO…Decides Not To Implement A No-fly Zone Over Ukraine. All The People That Will Be Killed From This Day Forward, Will Be Dying Because of You!”

NATO summit today decided that it is better to sacrifice 44 million Ukrainian lives today. NATO alliance is an alliance of deterrence, but if you are out, you are on your own. And today NATO demonstrated that in full colors by refusing to institute a no-fly zone. It demonstrated that NATO is too scared of Putin, virtually giving Putin a green light to attack all non-NATO members as he sees fit. Russian forces were shooting at Ukrainian cities indiscriminately hitting houses and apartment complexes.

All non-NATO countries were put on notice that you might be next, but you are on your own. No countries came to the rescue of Ukraine and its people decisively enough or considerebly enough other than for a check mark to say we did something we did the best we could – No You Didn’t.
Russian army is continue to bomb civilian areas indiscriminately a lot of people are dying.  Fear is rulling NATO now.
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his disbelief to the decision by NATO to leave Ukraine on its own. He expressed the concern for the lives of citizens of Ukraine and said that today forward all the deaths of Ukrainian people will be the fault of the NATO members.
NATO leadership is scared. The USA leadership is scared. You can see most TV anchors are scared and saying no way we should not stop the execution of 44 million people. How can we, when there is a chance for WWIII.
Apparently nobody noticed WWIII already started. History repeats itself and that is how WWII was starting too. Everybody hoped…not to get sucked in. Apparently, again, world didn’t learn anything from the past? 
Nobody understands or sees what’s coming next, except the ordinary people who come out to protest or go to Ukraine to fight or to help people in this humanitarian catastrophe unfolding right before our eyes. Massacre is going on as we speak and will only get worse but that is not good enough for the NATO leaders.
How many people need to die for NATO to wake up? 
1,000,000 people?
There are already 10s if not 100s of thousands of civilians dead. Only the blind or the person that is math-challenged that can’t see it is not 2000-3000 civilians killed that is being reported.
Or will it take a blow up of the Nuclear Power Plant to actually blown up and the whole Europe is a nuclear wasteland and the whole Europe is a huge refugee ground trying to leave, but there is nowhere to go.

Extremely Graphic Video Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised.
World War III, Day 8 of Ukrainian Genocide. Chernigiv March 3, 2022. NATO is still in denial and hoping for a miracle and in turn being complicit in the war crimes.