( WWIII Update ) Houses Burning – The Country Is Under Seige Nowhere to Go (List with Senators’ Telephone Numbers)(VIDEO at the bottom)

The world is in shock and disbelief about what is happening in Ukraine now. These videos come to us straight from Bucha a city only 30 miles outside of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. We must do everything in our power for this war to end as soon as possible. The world can’t stay away from this conflict in hopes that it will resolve on its own. The conflict can grow into a much bigger conflict if not stopped. The people of Ukraine are in bomb shelters with a very limited supply of food and water. We can’t stay silent. The government of the United States promised Ukraine to be on their side in the time of need, when Ukraine agreed to give up its nuclear weapons, that time of need is now and tomorrow might be too late. People are dying in Ukraine, innocent civilians, and children. And it has to stop today. We don’t have a week or a month. People are dying every minute.


We are in a WWIII that has to be de-escalated now not tomorrow or in a week or a month. If you think we are immune because we are in the United States, think again. We are not, in fact far from it, things are spiraling out of control faster than anyone could imagine. US Embassy in Moscow Russia put out an advisory that all US citizens must leave Russia immediately.