They Stepped Into the New Security Scanner. No One Could Expect What Happened Next!

Before anyone gets too excited – it’s a joke OK

The Latest in Cutting-Edge Airport Security Scannersisraeli airport security gag

Israeli airport security gag – Found on

What we found even more hilarious are the number of comments quite seriously pointing out why this cannot be true:

“This is bullshit, No such thing in development and the picture is not even from an Israeli airport.”

“Yeah, I’m calling bullshit. For C4 to detonate, it requires a very extreme force – Detonators hit it at over Mach 3. So… Yeah, I doubt that booth it real.”

‘(Forgive me if my C4 information is correct. Normally after learning about it, I forget everything again when I watch it explode.)’

“One device that can detonate any bomb could also made your phone explode, and kill you…”

“you dont get it… it will trigger the bomb but how can it trigger the cell phone?”

“I live in Israel and I’ve been to the airport in tel aviv many times, yes it has a high security level (for a reason) but NO it does not have a machine like that! In fact the machine you showed is a machine US has put in her air ports and it doesn’t detonate anything!”

Oh well.  Maybe they all had their tongues firmly in their cheeks?